Headshots & MFA programs

It’s been a slow year for acting but I’m determined to find a way to at least book one job this year. I just got some amazing headshots updated by the amazing John Ryan Flaherty. He did my headshots back in college and his work has gotten even better. Here are a few shots from our shoot last weekend:

IMG_8777 IMG_8706 IMG_8760 IMG_8716 IMG_8711 IMG_8758 IMG_8762

I love them. He is so great.

As far as my writing goes, the progress on my NA novel is slow. I’ve found that personal issues I’ve been having the past few months haven’t given me much time to write. However, I plan to get lots of writing done in the near future. I’m applying to MFA creative writing programs (finally!) and some start Fall 2014 while others start Spring 2015. They are all low residency. So far I’ve applied to Cedar Crest College, Farleigh Dickinson, Seton Hill and Lesley University. I plan to apply to a couple more. Please send good vibes my way that I get into a great school!

That’s all for now. Hope to update soon once I hear back.